Instant Infinities: Katrin Schüler-Springorum's Exploration of Bitwig's Sonic Universe

“Bitwig Studio has the most inspiring workflow, allowing me to compose and produce my ideas instantly and offers fantastic instruments, effects and editing tools, that provide infinite ways to produce sounds. It's always a pleasure to dive into the Bitwig universe.”

Katrin Schüler-Springoum studied music at the renowned Vienna Music Academy and works as a guitarist, producer, arranger, songwriter and producer for film, tv-documentary scores and audio dramas, as well as a composer for Universal Publishing Production Music and Popvirus Library. Her live project "On Behalf Of Rosy" started in January, 2019 with Zurich-based vocalist Silv Widmer, live electronics (Bitwig Studio), and guitar. Katrin is also a Bitwig certified trainer and lives in Berlin.

She currently works as a live musician (guitars/live electronics on BWS-Linux) in the dance piece The West and The Future by Constanza Macras-DorkyPark at Volksbühne, Berlin.

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