Tom drum element instruments that use incoming note signals to synthesize audio.


An electronic tom instrument with optional pitch modulation.

The GEN section contains parameters for controlling and processing the instrument's slightly rectified sine oscillator. The frequency of this oscillator is set by the Tune knob, and its level is controlled by an AD envelope that has a short, fixed attack time and an exponential, adjustable Decay time. The Click option adds impact to the sound by doubling portions of it, and the Tone control sets the cutoff frequency of a gentle low-pass filter.

The PEG section concerns a separate AD envelope generator that controls the oscillator's pitch. You can adjust the Decay time, the shape of that decay segment with the contour control, and the Amount of modulation in semitones.

The final section offers a control for the instrument's Vel Sens.(itivity) and a level control for its Output.

Nested Device Chains:

  • FX - A chain for processing the device's entire audio output.

Table Of Contents

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