SampleRobot 6.5 Pro With Bitwig Studio Support

With the release of SampleRobot 6.5 Pro, our friends at Skylife have introduced Bitwig Studio multisample compatibility.

SampleRobot 6.5 Pro makes it quick and easy to use your multisamples in Bitwig's Sampler: You don’t need to worry about mapping, looping, and truncating. It’s all done with SampleRobot’s Bitwig Studio export. SampleRobot 6.5 Pro even offers standard Bitwig property tags to categorize your multisamples. This way you can build up your personal sample library and quickly browse and load new instruments in Bitwig Studio.

What is SampleRobot? SampleRobot is the toolbox that makes your sampling process fun again. Giving you the ability to sample a whole Midi instrument at the push of a button. The full process is covered: sending Midi notes/program changes, recording audio, truncating samples, and finding smooth loops.

What’s new in SampleRobot 6.5?

  • Bitwig Studio multisample compatibility
  • Support for the Sequential Prophet-X
  • Support for Synthstrom Deluge
  • VST2 sampling and offline bouncing.


Learn how to use SampleRobot in this video tutorial made by Bitwig User Polarity.

November 26, 2019

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