Outer Spectra Sound Package

Harness the power of sophisticated spectral analysis with Outer Spectra, the accompanying sound package to Bitwig's Spectral Suite released as part of Bitwig Studio 4.4.  It includes over 70, mostly audio FX presets for Freq Split, Harmonic Split, Loud Split and Transient Split, and a few synth presets with spectral devices in the FX slots.

What you put into a spectral analyzer goes a long way in determining what you'll get out of it, so you'll also find 76 clips and 57 audio files that correspond to Outer Spectra's audio processors. This ready-made audio content covers a broad range of musical styles, from heavy techno to live instrumental loops, basslines, pads and beats. Load the presets with their corresponding clips to get a sense of what each one does and what Bitwig's spectral devices are capable of, whether that's sound design-related or mixing tasks, like widening the stereo field or reducing reverb.

November 9, 2022

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