Bitwig Impulse Responses

Your sounds are going places with the help of Bitwig Impulse Responses, the companion package for our Convolution device (released in Bitwig Studio 4.3). There are 270 options, so you can take your sounds to locations around the world with reverbs professionally recorded in ancient train stations, cathedrals, monk meditation halls and private attics. You could also use Convolution and these impulse responses to imbue your tracks with the tones of iconic hardware studio gear like vintage spring reverbs, pedals and digital FX units, or for more experimental purposes.

To make browsing this massive collection easier, we divided Bitwig Impulse Responses into nine categories. Real Halls and Real Rooms contain reverbs and room effects professionally recorded in real locations, while those marked "Spring" or "Studio" are sampled from classic equipment. The Synthetic impulses are reverbs and effects synthesized by Bitwig developers. You can load these impulse responses manually into the Convolution browser or as Convolution presets, so you can find them in the main browsers.

Download Instructions:

  1. Launch Bitwig Studio and open the Dashboard (by clicking the Bitwig icon in the top of the window).
  2. Go to the Packages tab, click on the Essentials Collection, then click the Install button beside "Bitwig Impulse Responses."
  3. To load a Convolution preset, use the preset browser of a Convolution device, or load it from the Bitwig browsers by selecting a Convolution device and selecting a preset in the Presets tab.
  4. To load an Impulse Response use the special browser on the Convolution device.
May 10, 2022

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