Video: Meet the MSEGs in Bitwig Studio 5

A multi-segment envelope generator (MSEG) is a tool for drawing custom envelopes, automation shapes, looping patterns — and just about anything else. We created five different kinds that can be used as Grid modules, two of which are also available as modulators. Learn what each one does and how to use it in a quick walkthrough.

  • 0:00 What's an MSEG?
  • 0:46 Curves MSEG overview
  • 2:12 Editing shapes in the Pop-out Editor
  • 3:41 Segments MSEG overview
  • 5:00 MSEGs in The Grid
  • 5:55 Slopes and Scrawl MSEGs
  • 6:13 Transfer, the waveshaper MSEG
  • 6:52 Polymer's MSEGs
  • 7:08 Conclusion
April 25, 2023

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