Touch: Introduction

Bitwig Developer Claes Johanson takes us through a quick overview of the features explained in the Bitwig Studio Touch video series. Check out the new tablet display profile, Bitwig Radial Menu functionality, Touch Keyboard, and more.



The Bitwig Studio tablet display profile includes an easy to use keyboard layout to perform Bitwig Studio as an instrument directly on your project. When combined with pen technology, Claes shows us how pressure can be applied for expressive performance using traditional and non-traditional keyboard layouts.


The Radial Gesture Menu

Claes takes a moment to demonstrate a key feature for Bitwig Studio and multitouch: The Radial Gesture Menu.


Note Editor

The Note Editor in Bitwig Studio is fully responsive to multi-touch interactions. Claes quickly creates, copies, arranges and deletes notes using gestures combined with the actions of the Radial Menu in Bitwig Studio. Using one or multiple fingers, editing notes can be performed fast and with ease.


Drum Editing

Following suit with the Note Editor, the Drum Editor shows each drum hit as notes, and additionally includes a pad layout for performing drum patterns directly onto your Bitwig Studio project. Claes shows the benefits of both detailed and performance-based editing and pattern creation in Bitwig Studio.



The Arrangement in Bitwig Studio can be manipulated in new and intuitive ways using gestures and multi-touch. Claes demonstrates the new methods of workflow using the Microsoft Surface Pro and Bitwig Studio. Watch and discover how easy it is to stretch clips, copy and duplicate entire segments of your Bitwig Studio project.



In a studio environment, controlling multiple tracks at once is essential for balancing the overall mix of a project. Claes quickly demonstrates how multi-touch plays a key role in allowing this to happen on a touch enabled device.

October 10, 2015

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