Bitwig Studio 2.3 Beta is available now

Jan 24, 2018

We're pleased to announce that the beta version of Bitwig Studio 2.3 is available as of today. Anyone with a Bitwig Studio 2 license can try out the brand new features of Bitwig Studio 2.3:

  • Phase-4: A new phase manipulation synthesizer
  • Time Signature Changes
  • New and Improved Time-stretching Algorithms
  • Expanded View for Devices
  • Instrument & Effect Selector
  • Voice Stacking
  • and more...

The Bitwig Studio 2.3 Beta installer is available from our download page. Once installed you can download 50 Phase-4 presets from the Package Manager to get you started.

Download now...

Please report all bugs and issues using our Beta Forum, you'll find the link in the Dashboard in  Bitwig Studio 2.3, in the Help section.

An important note on beta software:

  • Do not use the beta to work on important projects!
  • Project files created with the beta can not be opened in previous versions of Bitwig Studio
  • The software is not final, please don't use it to make tutorials or videos
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