Bitwig Studio 8-Track

Modern music production, ready to go.

Bitwig Studio 8-Track, the trim and effective digital audio workstation to start producing, performing, and designing sounds like a pro. 8-Track includes a large selection of Bitwig devices for use on up to eight project tracks with audio or MIDI. Plug in your controller, record your instrument, produce simple arrangements, design new sounds, or just jam.

Bitwig Studio 8-Track is the sketch pad for your musical ideas featuring the acclaimed workflow of Bitwig Studio.

Bitwig Studio 8-Track is available exclusively through bundles with selected partners. 


Installing Bitwig Studio 8-Track in 3 easy steps.

1. Download BITWIG STUDIO on your computer:


then install BITWIG STUDIO, following the on-screen instructions.

2. Open the program, create a user account (or log in if you already have one).

3. When asked, enter your Bitwig Studio 8-Track license serial.

Learning Resources

Need more help?

We’re here to help you get started, regardless of your experience level.

In Bitwig Studio 8-Track the Quick Start section in the Dashboard is a great starting place to load demo projects and templates from within the application. Be sure to check out the Getting Started Guide, available from the Help > Documentation section in the Dashboard.

For tutorials, courses and guides, pay our Community Learning page a visit. There's also a Q&A section where you can ask questions and get help from other users. Or why not write us a line?



Take your music to the next level.

Upgrade to Bitwig Studio now and enjoy unlimited tracks and scenes. Use as many VSTs in a project as you need. Connect to all the external hardware instruments and effects available in your studio. Not to mention, an upgrade from 8-Track opens the door to the complete Bitwig Studio Sound Content Library.

359 USD /339 EUR

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Feature Comparison

What's the difference?

Bitwig Studio 8-Track is a lightweight yet powerful package to get you going with music production.
How does it compare to the full version of Bitwig Studio?

  Bitwig Studio 8‑Track Bitwig Studio
Project tracks 8 Unlimited
Effect tracks, group tracks, scenes 2, 2, 8 Unlimited
VST plug-ins 2 Unlimited (with multi-out and side-chaining)
Audio export 16-bit 16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit
Time stretching algorithms Stretch, Stretch HD, Slice Stretch, Stretch HD, Slice, Cyclic, Elastique Solo, Elastique Eco, Elastique Pro
Instruments, effects, modulators, and other devices 82 123
Flagship instruments and effects Polysynth, Sampler Polysynth, Sampler, Phase-4, Amp, Vocoder
The Grid n/a Modular sound design environment with 160+ modules and 200+ patches ready to play
Sound content Bitwig Essential Collection Bitwig Essential, Extended, Partner and Artist Collections. 10GB+ of world-class content.
Other   Multi-screen display profiles, multiple projects, multisample editor, slicing, layered editing, remote control editor, full project template support, and more.

See the full list of features and devices, and compare editions here...

Sound Content

From acoustic bass to futuristic glitch loops, we have your sound content needs covered. Here's what you get with Bitwig Studio 8-Track:


  • Drum sounds: from classic to contemporary, professionally sampled, as single sounds and kits
  • "Bösendorfer" Grand Piano Light: a great sounding piano, ready to play
  • Wurlitzer E-Piano
  • 100's of world class presets for all included Bitwig instruments and audio effects
  • Clips and Templates to give your song creation a flying start

With the full version of Bitwig Studio you get lots more, more info here...


Bitwig Studio 8-Track system requirements

macOS Windows Linux
OS Version macOS 10.11 or later Windows 7 64-bit or later Ubuntu 12.04
CPU 64-bit Intel CPU Dual-core AMD or Intel CPU or faster with SSE3 support 64-bit dual-core or better x86 CPU with SSE3 support
RAM Minimum 2GB RAM.
Disk Space Minimum 5GB free disk space.
Display Minimum 1280 x 768 pixel screen resolution.
Internet Decent connection to download bundled content (not included with installer).

About Bitwig

Created by musicians, for musicians.

Bitwig is an international music software company based in Berlin. The company was established in 2009 by four music enthusiasts with extensive experience in the music technology industry and a strong vision about new cutting-edge methods of music production, performance and collaboration. Bitwig has 11 employees dedicated to changing the way the world uses software to design sounds, perform and create music with Bitwig Studio 8-Track and our flagship product,
Bitwig Studio.