Mangled and Motivating: Tor-Helge Skei Finds Inspiration on Bitwig Making Black Metal

“..I've never been as productive, and motivated for working with music as after i switched to Bitwig Studio. It fits my mind, and my way of thinking, just perfectly. Love the flexibility, the experimentation-inviting interface, the fast work-flow, the audio-mangling features...”

Tor-Helge Skei is part of various projects such as the Black Metal band Manes (Guitars, Keyboards, Programming) and Lethe (Instruments) and a metal/triphop/electronic/pop/experimental band project with Anna Murphy.

Formed in Trondheim, Norway in 1992, the music of Manes has gone through many stages of transformation up until today. With a mantra of exploration and experimentation, the music has often been hard to define by genre definition, but has once been described as “a bastardization of rock and electronica with influences from jazz and metal.”

They released five studio albums, several EPs, singles, and various other releases, and has chosen to first and foremost focus on studio work and the creative aspects of music. 

Manes recent album Young Skeletons has been produced and mixed in Bitwig Studio.

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