Working with Multiple Projects

Bitwig Studio makes it quite easy to get your work from one project into another. This can be done either by storing your own library content via the Browser Panel, or by directly transferring data between open projects.

Adding Clips to the Browser Panel

To add a clip to the library: click and drag the clip into the Browser Panel. In the dialog that appears, edit the clip Name if desired, enable any appropriate Tags, and then click Ok.

It doesn't matter which tab of the Browser Panel is showing when you drag your clip over. In fact, the Browser Panel doesn't even have to be called up before you begin dragging as you can call up any panel while using the mouse. In the case of the Browser Panel, you can press B any time to call it up.

Once you have stored your clip, it can be found and managed from the Clips tab of the Browser Panel.

Any clip stored in this fashion also contains its own parameters, the track's device chain, and any automation data.

Going Directly between Projects

Bitwig Studio allows you to have multiple projects open at the same time, with each open project represented in the project tab section of the window's header (see Project Tabs Section). In addition to making it easy to quickly switch between projects, this also allows you to copy data between them.

To transfer a clip(s) from one project to another: select and copy the clip(s) in the original project. Switch to the destination project, move the playhead to the desired insertion point (this can be done by clicking on either a Clip Launcher slot or at the position within the Arranger Timeline), and then paste.


Copying and pasting clips within a project will maintain the original clip's automation but not its device chain. Copying and pasting clips between projects will maintain neither.

To transfer a device(s) from one project to another: select and copy the device(s) in the original project. Switch to the destination project, select the target track, and then paste.

The other option is to drag items directly from one open project to another.

To transfer an item(s) between two open projects: click and drag the item(s) from the original project to the target project's tab. While still holding the mouse, wait for the target project to load, and then drag and release the item in the appropriate location.

The cursor that includes a circle with a diagonal line thru it indicates that releasing your item(s) on the project tab itself would do no good. Very quickly, the target project will load.


Dragging clips between projects will maintain only the clip, not the automation or device chain. Device(s) can be transferred separately using the same method.


If you want to copy multiple tracks from one project to another, you can use the method above with multiple tracks selected. You could also encapsulate all desired tracks into one group track, transfer that one group track to the second project, and then ungroup the track (see Creating and Selecting Tracks).

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