Working with Devices

Earlier in this chapter, we covered both adding devices and loading presets. Before moving on, here is a list of other basic functions you may wish to execute with the Device Panel.

To minimize/restore a device's interface: double-click the device header.

This is a change in appearance only and does not affect the operation of any device.

To select a device: single-click its track header.

The currently selected device is indicated with a dashed white border. Once selected, all regular Edit functions apply, such as cut, copy, duplicate, and delete.

To move devices around: click and drag the device header to the desired position within the Device Panel.

As the status message in the footer suggests, CTRL (ALT on Mac) can be added to toggle the move to a copy function.

To replace one device with another: drag the desired device or preset from the Browser Panel onto the device to be replaced.

Once the mouse is released, the device will be replaced.

To layer a device with another:SHIFT-click and drag the device over top of the device where the layer should be inserted.

Depending on the type of devices being layered, an appropriate container device will be created and populated with your selections.


For more information on container devices and other advanced device concepts, see chapter 16: Modulators, Device Nesting, and More.

To rename a device: select the device and then change its name from the Inspector Panel (see Devices in the Inspector Panel).

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