The Mappings Browser Panel

The Mappings Browser Panel is another one of the "access panels" in Bitwig Studio. When the panel's view toggle is pressed, the panel itself slides into (or out of) view, exposing all preexisting mappings and allowing you to either edit or delete them. But unlike when other panels are visible, this one also changes the appearance of the project itself.

Before getting to functionality, the first parameter in the panel is worth noting. The Map source priority setting decides whether any Controller script in use should get the first chance to process incoming MIDI messages (potentially overriding mapping established here) or if incoming MIDI should be handed over raw to the any active mappings in this panel.

While the Mappings Browser Panel is visible on screen, any parameter of your project that can be mapped appears with a green overlay. Clicking on one of these parameters causes a pair of arcs to spin circularly backwards and forwards, indicating that this parameter is ready to be mapped.

The next computer key that is pressed or MIDI control that is touched will now be assigned to the selected parameter. In this example, we have selected the volume fader of the master track. If we now move a MIDI controller that is sending continuous controller 7 messages, the volume fader will display this as long as the Mappings Browser Panel remains visible.

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