Snare drum element instruments that use incoming note signals to synthesize audio.


An electronic snare drum instrument made from two tunable oscillators, a noise generator, and resonant high- and low-pass filters.

The OSC 1 section houses the primary sine oscillator, whose frequency and decay time can be set directly with the Tuning and Decay knobs, respectively.

The OSC 2 section contains a secondary sine oscillator whose settings are relative to oscillator 1. Accordingly, the frequency of oscillator 2 is set as an Offset from oscillator 1 in semitones, and oscillator 2's decay time is set with the Decay X parameter as a percentage of oscillator 1's decay time.

The NOISE section contains parameters related to the noise generator. This includes Attack and Decay times for the AD envelope that controls level, along with a contour control for the shape of the decay segment. And the Width knob sets the amount of stereo flutter added to each noise burst.

The MIX section is for controlling the balance between the three generator elements. Osc controls the balance between oscillator 1 and oscillator 2, and then Noise controls the balance between both oscillators and the noise generator.

Next comes the FILTER section, which has a high cut (or low-pass) filter for processing output from both the oscillators and the noise generator. Any noise generator signal is then passed to a low cut (or high-pass) filter. Individual cutoff frequency controls are available for both the High Cut and the Low Cut filter, and a single Q parameter controls resonance for both filters.

The final section offers a control for the instrument's Vel Sens.(itivity) and a level control for its Output.

Nested Device Chains:

  • FX - A chain for processing the device's entire audio output.

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