Recording Launcher Clips

We will finally return to recording with the Clip Launcher, both to record new Launcher clips and to print the results that come out of the Launcher.

Recording Clips

All the same requirements apply for recording Launcher clips as Arranger clips (see Recording Clips).

To record a Launcher note clip: enable the track's record arm button, click a blank slot's record button, and then begin playing notes.

If the transport was inactive, it will automatically start once you click the slot record button. If the transport was already active, it will continue moving, and recording will commence after the default launch quantize interval.


The scene play buttons can also trigger empty Launcher slots to record clips when the Record on scene launch setting is enabled (see Clip Launcher Layout).

Comp Recording in the Launcher

When recording audio in the Launcher, you can also do comp recording. This mode works like "cycle recording," where new recording is broken up into takes at a set interval.

To do cycle recording in the Launcher: enable Record as Comping Takes from the Play menu, and set the desired Take Length right beside it (see Clip Launcher Layout). As long as your audio source is selected and the audio track is armed (see Setting an Audio Source), clicking a blank slot's record button will now start "cycle recording."


For information on editing comping expressions within a clip, see Comp Editing Workflow.

Record to Arranger Timeline

As one more form of interaction between the Launcher and Arranger, the result of all triggered Launcher clips can be recorded directly to each Arranger track. This is a way to capture an improvisation, whether from an early production phase, a stage performance, or whatever else you can imagine.

To capture clips and/or scenes triggered from the Launcher into the Arranger: enable the Global Record button, activate the transport, and then trigger the clips/scenes.

A few notes that may be helpful here.

  • If you activate the transport by triggering your first clip or scene, recording will begin from the Play Start Marker.

  • If you deactivate the record arm buttons of individual tracks, you will avoid recording empty clips to the Arranger tracks.

  • Control changes can also be captured, making for a fully editable transcription.

  • All Launcher clips recorded into the Arranger will create clips with defined Seed values (see Seed Section). If the Launcher clip had a set Seed value, that value is maintained. And if the Launcher clip was fully Random, the seed value used during recording will be set in the new Arranger clip. The result is that randomized elements connected to the Seed value will be replayed exactly as you heard them while recording.

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