Percussion instruments that use incoming note signals to synthesize audio.


An electronic cowbell instrument with optional pitch control.

The GENERATOR section contains parameters for controlling the instrument's two oscillators. The Pitch of the first oscillator is directly controllable, and the pitch of the second oscillator is set as an Offset of the first. Alternatively, the graphical keyboard toggle button allows you to have the first oscillator track incoming note messages (with the second oscillator's still being set as a relative Offset). To the right of the keyboard toggle is a crossfader that sets the balance between the two oscillators, and the Shape control lets you determine the oscillators' waveshape.

The low-pass FILTER section provides standard Freq(uency) cutoff and Reso.(nance) controls.

The RING modulation section allows you to set the Freq(uency) of a modulating sine wave and the dry/wet Mix of the ring modulation effect. If Mix is set to the far left, the ring modulator will not be heard.

The AEG section provides Attack and Decay times for the AD-style amplitude envelope generator.

The final section offers a control for the instrument's Vel Sens.(itivity) and a level control for its Output.

Nested Device Chains:

  • FX - A chain for processing the device's entire audio output.

Table Of Contents

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