Each MIDI device transmits various MIDI messages or modifies them via the track's device chain. This is useful for sending messages to plug-ins or to external hardware (when used in conjunction with Bitwig's hardware devices) or simply modifying the channels in use by a device chain.

Channel Filter

A processor for ignoring incoming note or MIDI messages by channel.

Channel Map

A processor for remapping incoming note or MIDI messages by channel.


A vehicle for sending any MIDI continuous controller (CC) messages via eight parameter knobs. A global MIDI Channel can be set.

MIDI Program Change

A vehicle for sending a MIDI program change message at project load and/or manually via the Send trigger button. The MIDI Channel can be set, and all or individual components of a two-byte bank select message can be sent (using CC 0 as the most significant bit [MSB] and/or CC 32 as the least significant bit [LSB]).

Additionally, the device has a nested Chain with two special options. The Scoped option contains the program change and bank select messages, sending them only to devices in the nested chain. And the Anti Click option fades the nested chain's output using an adjustable Decay time before transmitting the MIDI messages.

MIDI Song Select

A vehicle for sending a MIDI song select message at project load and/or via a manual Send trigger button.

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