Each organ is an instrument emulator that uses incoming note messages to synthesize audio.


A tonewheel organ.

The drawbars section contains nine standard gain faders (the vertically higher the fader, the louder the gain), each of which represents the level of the respective drawbar harmonic. In order, these harmonics are:

  • Fader 1 - Sub, or one octave below the fundamental (in organ notation, 16' [feet])

  • Fader 2 - 5th, or one fifth above the fundamental (5 1/3')

  • Fader 3 - Primary, or the fundamental (8')

  • Fader 4 - 8th, or one octave above the fundamental (4')

  • Fader 5 - 12th, or one octave and a fifth above the fundamental (2 2/3')

  • Fader 6 - 15th, or two octaves above the fundamental (2')

  • Fader 7 - 17th, or two octaves and a major third above the fundamental (1 3/5')

  • Fader 8 - 19th, or two octaves and a fifth above the fundamental (1 1/3')

  • Fader 9 - 22nd, or three octaves above the fundamental (1')

The top of the drawbars interface also has a drop-down menu for the type of oscillator modeling being used for each harmonic. Choices include:

  • Rich - closer to a traditional tonewheel oscillator, a bit more complex than a pure sine wave

  • Pure - closer to a pure sine wave

  • Full - an even richer waveform

Additionally, the small R icon to the right toggles retriggering of oscillator phases for successive notes, which creates a gentler, less clicky sound.

Beneath the drawbars section is a small bank of other instrument controls. The bipolar Pitch control adjusts the frequency of all oscillators together. This control is set in semitones, with a range of three octaves in either direction (from -36.00 to +36.00). The Glide setting sets the amount of time it takes for a new note to smoothly transition from the previous pitch. And the global amplitude envelope has controls for its Attack and Decay times.

The final section at bottom offers controls for the instrument's panning, gain (the speaker icon), and final Output level.

Nested Device Chains:

  • Note - A chain for processing incoming note messages before they reach this device.

  • FX - A chain for processing the device's entire audio output.

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