Hi-hat drum element instruments that use incoming note signals to synthesize audio.


An electronic hi-hat instrument made from a blend of noise with a comb filter, FM synthesis, and a one-band equalizer. An XY grid interface is also provided as an alternate means of controlling several parameters.

The section at the top left contains Attack and Decay times for the AD envelope, along with a contour control for the shape of the decay segment. This global envelope shapes the output of the entire instrument.

The red COMB section governs the comb filter that processes the noise generator's output. Parameters include cutoff Freq(uency), a bipolar Feedback control, and the wet/dry Mix. In the XY grid, dragging the red C ball adjusts the Freq control with horizontal movements and the Mix control vertically.

The blue FM HIT section controls the carrier of a classic FM operator pair, which creates the impact sound of the hi-hat. The Freq knob at left sets the carrier's frequency. This unit has its own AD envelope, which has a short, fixed attack time and an exponential, adjustable Decay setting. (Note that a longer decay setting may be interrupted if the global AD envelope has a shorter overall duration.) Finally, the Mix knob controls the balance between the noise and FM portions of the instrument. In the XY grid, dragging the blue H ball adjusts the Freq control with horizontal movements and the Mix control vertically.

The yellow HIT MOD section provides controls for the modulator of the FM operator pair. The Freq. knob adjust the modulator's frequency, and the Amount control is the index (or intensity) of modulation applied to the carrier. In the XY grid, dragging the yellow M ball adjusts the Freq. control with horizontal movements and the Amount control vertically.

The orange EQ section controls a simple high-pass filter that receives the blended noise and FM sounds. The cutoff frequency is set with the top numeric control (in hertz or kilohertz), and the control below with a resonance icon represents the filter's Q. In the XY grid, dragging the orange vertical bar from left to right controls the cutoff frequency.

The final section offers a control for the instrument's Vel Sens.(itivity) and a level control for its Output, along with a Width setting for the amount of stereo flutter added to each noise burst.

Nested Device Chains:

  • FX - A chain for processing the device's entire audio output.

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