Each filter device is a frequency-specific processor that operates on its incoming audio signals.


A comb filter effect with frequency and bipolar feedback controls.


A multimode filter with pre- and post-gain.


A multimode ladder filter with a built-in LFO, envelope, and envelope follower to modulate the filter's frequency.

Resonator Bank

A bank of six resonant filters that have frequency, resonance, and gain controls. The device also has global controls to morph these three controls as well as keyboard tracking to offset the filters' frequencies based on incoming note signals.


Imposes the timbre of one sound onto another. Has separate chains for the Modulator (sound source) and Carrier (affected sound), but the incoming audio signal is also used as the modulator. Allows being 8 and 80 filter bands for each section (optionally stereo), along with Slope and Bandwidth controls. Also provides Formant and Brightness controls for the modulator signal; Attack, Release, and Freeze controls for the analysis bands; and Ceiling and Floor controls, for limiter-/expander-type behaviors.

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