Exporting Audio

To export audio from Bitwig Studio, use the FileExport Audio... function. When this option is selected, a dialog box with several sections appears.

  • The Format(s) section selects which audio formats will be output for each selected track. If multiple formats are selected, than each exported track will be saved multiple times. Beneath each audio format is a menu of export profiles to choose from.

  • The Tracks section lists all activated tracks in the project. Select each track that you want to separately exported. Note that group tracks are shown as folders that can be select, and/or they can be unfolded to access individual child tracks. And if you want to export the entire project (a completed song, for instance), check the Project Master from the top of the list.

  • The Time Range section determines what portion of the project will be exported. Both the From and To parameters are set using song positions. If a time selection is present in the project, that period is used by default. You can also click to select the full Arrangement, or the Arranger Loop Region.

  • The Sample Rate setting determines if any conversion happens on export. The default setting of Current keeps the audio engine's current sample rate with no conversion.

  • The Options / Format section gives you four more settings.

    • Real-time overrides the standard offline bounce to execute it in realtime. This is useful when you have external audio paths being used live, etc.

    • Select Dither to add a very small amount of noise to your exports. This can help lower-resolution export files best match the high-resolution internal signals of Bitwig Studio. This noise is generally inaudible.

    • To ignore all mixer volume automation, select the Pre-fader option. This can be especially helpful when exporting stems.

    • After bouncing, Open target folder when done will point your file manager application to the folder where files were written.

Once the Ok button is pressed, the files will be created.


Only Arranger Timeline selections (not Launcher clips) can be exported in this way.

The Export Audio function dialog uses a current selection for its default settings. So if you want to export only a single clip from one track, first select that clip and then choose FileExport Audio... .

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