Controller Visualizations, Takeover Behavior, and Documentation

Earlier, we saw how to recognize our MIDI controllers under Settings > Controllers in the Dashboard (see Controllers Settings). Let's now go back to the Dashboard, the Settings tab, and the Controllers page to examine the individual controller options.

In addition to port mappings and script information, each controller entry also has a set of icons in the bottom left that relates to its use.

  • The gear button toggles the visibility of additional settings, if such settings are specified by the controller script in use.

  • The "speech balloon" button toggles on-screen controller visualizations (see Controller Visualizations).

  • The fader button toggles whether the global Takeover mode (set at the top of the page) is applied the controller in question or not. Takeover modes set the behavior of how incoming messages from individual controls are used by their associated software parameters. Modes include:

    When a controller has disabled use of the global takeover mode, it is the same as being set to Immediate.

  • The question mark (?) button provides a link to documentation for the particular controller script in use.

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