Clap drum element instruments that use incoming note signals to synthesize audio.


A monophonic electronic clap instrument made from noise, a low-pass filter, and repetitions.

The NOISE section comprises the instrument's sound generation parameters. The amplitude for the instrument is controlled by an AD envelope that has a short, fixed attack time and an exponential, adjustable Decay time.

Each incoming note message immediately triggers the amplitude envelope. And for the Duration time following the beginning of each note, the envelope is retriggered at every Repeat time interval.

For example, if Duration is set to 45 ms and Repeat is set to 10 ms, each note will trigger the amplitude envelope five times: zero milliseconds (the instant the note is received), 10 ms, 20 ms, 30 ms, and 40 ms.

Width sets the amount of stereo flutter added to each noise burst.

The COLOR section provides controls for the instrument's low-pass filter. Freq sets the cutoff frequency, and Q sets the amount of resonance.

The final section offers a control for the instrument's Vel Sens.(itivity) and a level control for its Output.

Nested Device Chains:

  • FX - A chain for processing the device's entire audio output.

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