1. Bitwig Studio Concepts

This chapter is both an introduction to the program and an overview of its structure. Please start here to get acquainted with the fundamental concepts and related vocabulary used in Bitwig Studio.

Top-Level Concepts

Bitwig Studio is a modern digital audio workstation (DAW) that allows you to seamlessly compose, produce, perform, and expand your music.

A file created in Bitwig Studio is called a project. You can have multiple projects open at once, but audio will be active for only one of these projects at a time.

Bitwig Studio projects are organized into tracks, which can be thought of as either individual instruments or layers that should be handled similarly. Each track contains a signal path that results in audio and has common mixing board controls (such as volume, panning, solo, and mute).

Clips are containers for individual musical ideas. Clips store either notes or audio, as well as control and automation data.

Music is made in Bitwig Studio by creating a project and populating its tracks with clips, which you can then refine, arrange, and trigger.

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