Audio FX

Each audio FX (or audio effect) device manipulates incoming audio signals before passing them onward. Incoming note signals, etc. may be used as triggers but are passed thru without change.


A comb-filter diffusion effect where each stereo channel has two comb filters, each with two feedback controls.

Freq Shifter

A frequency shifter with an adjustable frequency range. This device can also distribute the upward and downward frequency shift across the stereo field.

Pitch Shifter

A pitch shifter (like a musical signal transposer) with a high-resolution frequency control, a Grain setting for adjusting how the processing is done, and a Mix control, allowing harmonization.


A ring modulator with a definable frequency and a Mix control for blending the source material with the resultant sum and difference tones. The device also has Pre- and Post-processing device chains.


A ring modulator that utilizes the incoming audio signal and a sine wave whose tuning is based on that incoming signal. Pitch detection is sampled only above a set Threshold amplitude, can be limited with low-pass and high-pass filters, can be offset (Pitch) for shifting the sine tone's frequency, and can be slewed (Speed) to respond more quickly or ponderously. For processing, the amount of Ring modulation goes anywhere between a simple sine wave (at 0%) to more harmonically complex results.

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