Space, Time, and Color

We're proud to present a new Bitwig Studio sound package: Audio FX - Space, Time, Color. 

Discover 150+ Audio FX presets that each cast a mood onto any audio or virtual instrument output. Explore a large selection of modelled reverbs (built from the ground up in The Grid) and spread your vocals through amazing spaces. Chop your rhythms up and get creative in the time domain using repeater and stutter effects. Give your bass extra punch, add width and color to any sound, or crunch things into glitchy destruction. Access the tone of a grand guitar pedalboard, or augment any sound with metal-twisting modernism. These are a few of the options now at your fingertips.

Some presets add a unique character to common effects, while others use sequenced modulations to turn an incoming sound into a new rhythmical texture. And as always, eight top-level macros help you quickly find the range of each preset, and then season it to taste, choosing as much — or as little — depth to make the part stand on its own beside your other tracks.

March 11, 2020

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