Get the Free 'Orchestral Strings' Sound Package

This year we're saying “Happy holidays” in the form of a massive, high-quality free sound package from Bitwig and Orchestral Tools. It's called Orchestral Strings, and it brings the sounds of a world-class symphony into your Bitwig Studio projects.

Orchestral Strings contains top-of-the-line recordings by esteemed virtual instrument-makers Orchestral Tools, a leading creator of premium symphonic sample collections and virtual instruments for professional composers, such as the Berlin Series and Tom Holkenborg's Brass and Percussion.

Orchestral Strings Recording Shot Violin
Orchestral Strings Recording Shot Cello

The samples included in Orchestral Strings were recorded by a string ensemble on the scoring stage at the famous Teldex Studio in Berlin, one of the world's preeminent classical music recording studios thanks to its historic location, its unique collection of vintage microphones and its legacy of engineering expertise. Germany's top orchestras have performed and recorded at this location since the building was constructed as a concert venue for groups like the Berlin Philharmonic in 1890 and then its post-War days as Teldec Studios.

Orchestral Strings Recording Studio Control Room

Inside Orchestral Strings you'll find various articulations and notes of plucks, sustained bows and accents, already organized into categories like Pizzicato and Tremolo in the Bitwig Sampler. They're also incorporated into a variety of creative presets that use Note FX and other processing, so they're ready for composition right out of the box. All you have to do is download the package.

If you own a full Bitwig Studio license with an active Upgrade Plan, the Orchestral Strings sound package is now available for free via Dashboard > Packages > Partner Collection. You'll need Bitwig Studio version 4.1.2 or later.

Download Instructions:

  1. Launch Bitwig Studio and open the Dashboard (by clicking the Bitwig icon in the top of the window).
  2. Go to Packages tab, click on Partner Collection, then click the Install button beside “Orchestral Strings.”
  3. To load a sound: Add a track with the plus button (+), then click on the Presets page, and under Packages, choose “Orchestral Strings.” Now click on any sound and start playing the keyboard.
December 16, 2021

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