“The universal modulation system is genius and the sound quality is pristine. With the Poly and FX Grids, I can make whatever I can imagine. The built-in devices are all amazing and useful. When I'm using Bitwig I often feel it has the potential to make redundant all the other music software and plugins I've bought over the years. It represents a new paradigm in music production. And it's also really nice on the eyes!”

Steve Young aka Hedflux has been making electronic music and performing for over 20 years.

Once described as "harnessing the rational to illuminate the transcendental" the Hedflux project was born with the intention to create high energy electronic dance music based on breakbeat grooves with a psychedelic aesthetic.

Hedflux has contributed as a sound designer to Bitwig Studio's liberary with an emotive and trippy demo song and over 40 presets ranging from lush Polysynth chords to Audio FX delays, filters and reverbs.

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