Bitwig at IMSTA Festa Germany, November 22

Imsta Festa is a celebration of music technology and a free event open to everyone in the music-making community. Bitwig will be participating in the upcoming Imsta Festa Germany interactive online event.

Imsta Festa Berlin (GER) | Online
November 22, 2020 | 4.00pm - 11.00pm

Register and join for free.

For this occasion, Bitwig Studio Guru Polarity created two 30 minute video tutorials: “Bitwig Studio: Create your first Song” and “Bitwig Studio: Build your own instruments and effects in The Grid”.

Language: German.

Video 1: Bitwig Studio: von der Idee zum Song

Video 2: Bitwig Studio - The Grid: Baue Deine eigenen Instrumente und Effekte

About Polarity:

Robert Agthe, aka Polarity, is an electronic music producer and community creator from Berlin. And he is is one of the most inspiring places to visit on YouTube when it comes to Bitwig Studio. Polarity's videos are ranging from classic Bitwig tutorials to "secret" tips and tricks, unexpected ways to use features and devices, to self-generative ambient The Grid patches.





November 10, 2020


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