10 Years of Bitwig

On March 26, 2014, Bitwig Studio 1.0 saw the light of day.

In the 10 years since then, the Bitwig community has grown, and so has our team — not to mention the software itself! We're taking this opportunity to look at how Bitwig Studio has evolved over the past decade, using our version updates as milestones. Join us on this journey through the kaleidoscope of time, regardless of where the Bitwig story started for you. We've come a long way.

April 2024

Bitwig Studio 5.2

Trust Your Ears

When sound is involved, your ears know what is good. And your ears will love the new studio tools in Bitwig Studio 5.2, a professional compressor and three hardware-inspired EQs. Compressor+ brings a unique approach to dynamics, and Focus, Sculpt, and Tilt unite classic sounds with new levels of control. Workflow got enhanced too: more precise editing, dynamic beat detection that matches any audio to your project, and hardware acceleration for our graphic interface. Because the sooner you've got sound, the sooner you can trust your ears.

February 2024

Bitwig Studio 5.1

10 New Characters

That's 10 new modules — four filters and six waveshapers — with 10 new sonic personalities. Some emulate classic structures, but most achieve their own, unique sonic qualities. And thanks to our new semi-modular, Grid-powered audio FX containers Filter+ and Sweep, you can load these onto any device or track to immediately add flavor or movement without touching a patch cable.

The filters — plus a brand-new oscillator — are also part of Polymer, which means they're all accessible in every edition of Bitwig Studio. Additional voice stacking modulators have established their own category, and important workflow improvements make audio editing faster and our mixer smarter.

June 2023

Bitwig Studio 5

Ahead of the Curves

Bitwig Studio 5 introduces five new MSEGs. Developing this family of modulators and modules led to a major upgrade for our entire modulation system. In version 5, modulators can do more, like control track- and project-level parameters and expand into pop-out windows. We also created new ways to perform live with our software, and overhauled the browsers to make it easy to find what you need.

October 2022

Bitwig Studio 4.4

Unlock Your Audio

What if you had mix tools within each sound? Say hello to Spectral Suite, a bundle of devices for Bitwig Studio 4.4 that offers a new level for mixing and sound design.

June 2022

Bitwig Studio 4.3

Space & Tone

Bitwig Studio 4.3 is OUT NOW, bringing space and tone with Convolution, a musical Delay+ effect, new Polymer/Grid modules, and more.

March 2022

Bitwig Studio 4.2

We Do FX

Bitwig Studio 4.2 is here. Please welcome Chorus+, Flanger+, Phaser+, and Note Grid to the family.

November 2021

Bitwig Studio 4.1

Let There Be Notes!

What if notes did more than trigger your sounds? As signals that move and curve, notes just do more in Bitwig Studio. Version 4.1 is here, adding eight new note effects. Check them out now…

July 2021

Bitwig Studio 4

New Musical Timelines

We're thrilled to announce that Bitwig Studio 4 is out and available to the world, with comping, Operators for sequenced notes and audio, Native Apple Silicon support on Mac, and so much more.

October 2020

Bitwig Studio 3.3

Wired For Sounds

Quicker sound design, editing, access, and a world of Wavetable fun. Welcome to Bitwig Studio 3.3.

June 2020

Bitwig Studio 3.2

Color Your Sound

Color your sound: EQ+, Saturator, and more. Bitwig Studio 3.2, read all about it.

November 2019

Bitwig Studio 3.1

Tuned Up

With Bitwig Studio 3.1 we widen the boundaries of pitch and scale.

July 2019

Bitwig Studio 3

Enter The Grid

Modularity has been at the core of Bitwig Studio from the beginning. Devices can be nested, clips are containers, modulators exist everywhere, and practically anything can be dragged anywhere. But with Bitwig Studio 3, we are zooming out so you can push in.

March 2019

Bitwig Studio 2.5

A Few New Features

Inspired by the community with performance and audio editing improvements.

September 2018

Bitwig Studio 2.4

Let's Go Samplin'

Bitwig Studio 2.4 is out now. Grab it today and get going with an array of great new features. Let's go samplin'

February 2018

Bitwig Studio 2.3


Our biggest point update yet delivers hot new things expanding the sound design possibilities in Bitwig Studio.

October 2017

Bitwig Studio 2.2

Join the Network

Join the network with LINK, new devices, modulators, and beyond.

May 2017

Bitwig Studio 2.1

2.1 is here with MIDI Clock sync, Amp, and more.

February 2017

Bitwig Studio 2

Bitwig Studio 2 is here with a universe of modulators.

October 2015

Bitwig Studio 1.3

Touch Bitwig Studio

Featuring multi-touch, a tablet display profile, and more.

September 2015

Bitwig Studio 1.2

Room For Change

Introducing Group Tracks, the Pop-up Browser, new devices, shortcuts, and visual displays all around.

November 2014

Bitwig Studio 1.1

One Up!

This first update features new devices, features, and workflow improvements.

March 2014

Bitwig Studio 1

Hello World!

Record and arrange, improvise and perform, or do it all at once. Choose between several display profiles. Design your own sounds with dedicated container devices. Combine built-in instruments, effects, and VST plug-ins. Bitwig Studio's unified mapping system allows you to modulate any device or VST parameter using macro controls and modulator devices. Explore a new world of creative possibilities, including audio and note expressions, histogram-based value editing, layered editing, extensive bounce-in-place functions, automatic slicing, smart controller integration, and the Open Controller Scripting API. Every feature in Bitwig Studio was developed by musicians, for musicians. Welcome to the next generation of music creation and performance software for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Mai 10, 2024

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