What if you had mix tools within each sound? Say hello to Spectral Suite, a bundle of devices for Bitwig Studio 4.4 that offers a new level for mixing and sound design. It’s time to unlock your audio.

Smart Splits for a New Mix

By working in the frequency domain, these devices split your audio into hundreds of frequency bands for analysis, and group similar elements together onto channels. From there, you mix the channels as you normally would — adjust the volume, move the panning, or insert Bitwig devices and plug-ins to customize each level of sound.

Four Ways to Go Spectral

Each device targets a different musical element, allowing for subtle mix tweaks or creative sonic ruptures.

Transient Split

Divides percussive transients and tonal sounds. Stuttering only the drum hits in a full loop might be nice. Or separating instruments from percussion means mixing the way you want to.

Freq Split

Distributes a sound across four channels, like a set of filter banks. With random delay times and panning on each channel, we've got a spectral delay. Or use Bitwig's modulators to shuffle through a different effect on each channel to create a new kind of phaser.

Loud Split

Separates the quiet, mid, and loud elements within a sound. Cranking up the softest parts of a sound will instantly transform it. Or let a thin section of the sound ring out without breaking the mix.

Harmonic Split

Spreads harmonics into two groups and collects non-harmonics into a third channel. We could isolate the fundamental frequency and give everything else some distance. Or maybe distorting the even harmonics and adding chorus to the odds is the new cool thing?

Outer Spectra

Harness the power of sophisticated spectral analysis with Outer Spectra, the accompanying sound package to Bitwig's Spectral Suite. It includes over 70, mostly audio FX presets for Freq Split, Harmonic Split, Loud Split and Transient Split, and a few synth presets with spectral devices in the FX slots.

Learn More

Spectral Suite Walkthrough

See these four new devices in action, and how they allow a new way to work.

Try It

The best way to try Spectral Suite is to download the Spectral Suite Demo Project and open it up (with Bitwig Studio 4.4 or later). Send us a postcard from wherever you land.


Spectral Suite is part of Bitwig Studio 4.4 and it's a free update for anyone with an active Bitwig Studio Upgrade Plan.

View the full changelog here.