DAWproject File Format FAQs

Music producers often work with multiple Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). Some seek inspiration through new features and technologies, while others use different programs for different stages of their production and/or performance process. Unfortunately, no exchange format existed that allowed for sharing projects between DAWs, forcing users to export and re-import audio stems instead.

About the DAWproject file format

DAWproject is an open and free file format that makes it much easier to move from one DAW to another, enabling producers to choose their preferred DAW for specific tasks. No more complex and time consuming procedures for moving projects, converting formats, and exporting or importing — DAWproject files include all the most important information in a DAW-agnostic format. Read the full story here.

How can I use DAWproject?

DAWproject is currently (as of September 26, 2023) supported in Bitwig Studio 5.0.9 and Studio One 6.5, and later.


Studio One: Go to the menu File > Convert To > DAWproject File…
Bitwig Studio: Go to the menu File > Export DAWproject…


Go to menu File > Open, or just drag and drop a DAWproject file onto your DAW window.

Using external tools

Check out the project converter by Moss.

Specifics to Bitwig Studio 5.0.9 and Studio One 6.5

  • Bitwig Studio imports Studio One Alias Clips as Clips
  • Studio One doesn’t read Bitwig Studio Clip Launcher data (Clips and Scenes)
  • Studio One AU plug-in data isn't read by Bitwig Studio
  • Bitwig Studio CLAP plug-in data isn't read by Studio One
  • Built-in generic devices: supported in Bitwig Studio 5.0.9, coming soon in Studio One 6.5
  • Studio One Video track currently isn't supported in Bitwig Studio

What is a DAWproject file technically?

The DAWproject format is a container that includes audio, notes and plug-in data along with the project and metadata structure represented as XML data. In other words, it includes all information related to time, tracks, and channels, plus all audio, note and automation data and the states of the plug-ins used in a file. It is designed to be adaptive to future needs and to remain compatible regardless of differences in feature-sets between various programs.

Can I support DAWproject too?

Yes, you can. The DAWproject file format is open and free and can be implemented easily by other DAWs and DAW-like software and hardware. Here’s the specification on Github for interested developers and users.

Key Features of the DAWproject File Format

Here are the key features that DAWproject format supports, with a comparison to MIDI and AAF for reference. As you'll see, DAWproject files cover a wider range of data relevant to DAWs and DAW-like applications.

DAWproject Standard MIDI Files AAF
DAWproject Standard MIDI Files AAF
Intended Use
Intended Use Music Production MIDI Sequencing Video post-production
Time Format (seconds/beats)
Time Format (seconds/beats) Beats and seconds can be combined Beats Seconds
Audio Audio Events/Clips
Time Warping
Not Supported Audio Events/Clips
Notes Notes
Note Expressions
Note Expressions (using MPE)
Not Supported
Automation Tempo
Time Signature
MIDI Messages
Plug-in Parameters
Built-in Device Parameters
Time Signature
MIDI Messages
SysEx Messages
Video Related Parameters
Plug-ins Stores full plug-in state and automation of parameters (VST2, VST3, AU, CLAP) Not Supported Not Supported
Built-in Devices
Built-in Devices Generic EQ
Generic Compressor
Generic Gate
Generic Limiter
Not Supported Not Supported
Clip Launcher
Clip Launcher Clips
Not Supported Not Supported

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