Check Out Chee's Demo Song for Bitwig Studio 5

Chee made the demo song for Bitwig Studio 5

"Hey Now" shows you what a finished track looks like in Bitwig Studio. The new demo song included in Bitwig Studio 5 is a stellar example of advanced sound design, clever use of Bitwig devices, and superior songwriting by South African producer Chee.

"I wanted to showcase a few of my favorite Bitwig features, like the MSEG modulators, the Spectral Suite, and some custom drum synths on 'Hey Now,'" Chee told us. "I’m eager to see how Bitwig will continue shaping the future of music production. They’re onto something here."

Chee's music spans bass-oriented genres like drum & bass, trap and future beats, and it has been released on outposts like Zeds Dead's label Deadbeats. His debut LP, 2017's Fear Monger, caught the attention of headlining artists like Noisia and Eprom. In addition to his solo work, Chee also produces and performs alongside fellow South African artist Jon Casey as It HZ.

And he's a true Bitwig Studio whiz, too — as his demo song for version 5 shows. "Hey Now" is a dramatic composition that references broken beat genres like golden era 2-step, OG dubstep and grime with a hard edge. Glance under the hood by opening the project file and you'll find custom-made drum synthesizers, Drum Machines, Samplers, synth voices, and cleverly designed Note FX. Some of these patches are included as official Bitwig presets in our new sound package, Freeform. Watch the video below to learn more about how Chee made "Hey Now."

Download Bitwig Studio 5 today and open the demo song for exclusive insight into this exciting artist's work and methods.

Juni 29, 2023

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