Bitwig Studio Catalina Compatibility

Apple recently released Catalina, the next major version of macOS.
All testing we have done with Bitwig Studio on macOS 10.15 (Catalina) has been positive.
While Bitwig Studio is compatible with Catalina, your other software and hardware may not be due to several major changes in macOS, including:

  • 32-bit plug-ins do not work anymore, in Bitwig Studio or anywhere else. This was Apple's decision, and it also applies to 32-bit applications and drivers.
  • All hardware drivers must be updated. This includes any audio interfaces or MIDI controllers that are not class compliant.
  • More changes are coming in January. Bitwig Studio will be updated at that time and remain compatible, but this means additional third-party software (such as 64-bit plug-ins) will need to be updated as well. We will update you in advance of this.

Please be aware of these new and coming changes from Apple before electing to change your operating system.

Oktober 9, 2019

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