Sampler, Resampled

The Bitwig Studio Sampler is a powerful tool for playing and manipulating audio. It boasts several playback modes (including traditional pitch-based, granular or wavetable options), advanced looping features with crossfades, endless modulation possibilities and more.

With an advanced multisample editor, creating large and sophisticated patches is fast and effortless.


Load any supported audio file format by dragging from the browser panel or file browser and you are ready to go. You can also load the pop-up browser from within Sampler and enjoy hot-swapping samples during playback, or browse the library for presets.

Common controls are available immediately, with advanced functionalities accessible via the Inspector panel and the expanded device view.

Sampler features a great-sounding filter, advanced loop modes with crossfade, and play position and loop offset controls, all mappable, automatable, modulatable.

4 Granular Waves Modes

Repitch represents a traditional sampler mode so its Speed control dynamically changes the playback time and pitch, even allowing negative speeds for record-scratch effects and more.

Cycles preserves note pitches while using Speed changes to warp the sample, and an additional Formant parameter dynamically shifts the sound's character. This is done by generating wavetables from the sample audio and stretching this to play incoming notes. Even metallic variations can be made when keyboard tracking is disabled.

Textures uses a granular synthesis approach, preserving the samples' original pitch while allowing for independent controls for Speed, Grain size, and grain Motion. Its uses can range from pleasantly cloudy to downright abstract.

Additionally, each mode can be set to freeze (❄︎ icon). This puts the sample playhead under your control, letting you grab the parameter directly or use Bitwig Studio's numerous modulators to innovative effect.

Working With Multisamples

Sampler's multisample editor has different ways of viewing your zones, depending on what the situation requires. You can also freely create groups, which make editing multiple zones a breeze. A Select parameter decides which samples will be triggered as each note is played. And both velocity and select parameter settings can transition across zones, blending multiple samples and creating endless sonic combinations.

Additionally, three modulation sources are available which have per-zone modulation amounts, in case particular zones should adjust the cutoff frequency or anything else. And each instance of Sampler can be set to play its audio directly from disk, freeing your RAM for other tasks.

Taken along with additional features like bidirectional ping-pong looping and edits that snap to zero-crossings, Sampler is a powerful machine, ready for modern music production and open to wild sound design possibilities.