František Psotka aka f/error

Zertifizierte Trainer, Košice, Slovakia

František Psotka, aka f/error, is an electronic music enthusiast and activist mainly in the dark music scene somewhere on the edge of Schengen. He was an active demoscene member during the tracker/rave revolution of the 90s. Following that, he went through several different software platforms before eventually moving away from the DAW world entirely. Finally, he found Bitwig Studio—it was the perfect Swiss knife for computer-aided music and workflow integration.

As a software architect and usability expert professionally, František has great communication skills and deep technical and UX insight.

He is currently musically active in the industrial punk duo FARA (guitar, programming, voice) and cinematic dark ambient/rhythmic noise hardware live act Standard Society, and as a party organizer.

It's a Форманта Фаэми-1М on the photo.


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