Join us at the Audio Developer Conference, November 13-15

We will be attending the Audio Developer Conference in London next week.

Join Bitwig developer Alexandre Bique on Wednesday November 15 at 12.20 GMT for an introduction to CLAP (“CLever Audio Plug-in API”).  CLAP was launched in 2022 by plug-in manufacturer u-he and DAW creators Bitwig with design and implementation contributions by a group of commercial and open-source audio developers from across the industry. In his presentation, Alexandre will give an overview of how CLAP works, its structure and features, and the advantages it offers modern plugin-development.
We also invite you to come by the Bitwig booth during ADC for additional information and more in-depth conversations. U-he's Urs Heckmann, Jan Thomas Storm, and David Schornsheim will be there with Alexandre Bique and Placidus Schelbert from Bitwig to answer questions about CLAP and its implementation.

November 10, 2023


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