Polymer: Hybrid Modular, Fun and Quick

Polymer starts simple: pick an oscillator, a filter, and an envelope generator. Swapping out Grid modules within a dedicated synthesizer is both fast and quick, helping you craft production-worthy sounds from minimal controls immediately.

Beside the three modules are a streamlined set of support parameters, providing ease of control and playability. And from this deceptively small package, a bouquet of synthesis is available: subtractive, FM/PM, hard sync, PWM, phase distortion, and Wavetable with three unique unison modes for making a small universe out of each note played.

Of course, Polymer lives within Bitwig Studio and its open modular philosophy. Add a modulator to make any parameter move. Turn on Voice Stacking to layer a sound with unique variations. Group any Polymer, and add another synth or plug-in beside it. Even right-click Polymer to convert it to Poly Grid if you need full control.

The Wavetable module brings another method of synthesis, and does it Bitwig-style. True to The Grid, this oscillator can be read by stereo control signals, accessing different parts of a wavetable at once. It offers three unique unison modes for making a small universe out of each note played. And it looks good, both in The Grid and Polymer.

Since a wavetable synth needs, um, wavetables, we've created and cleaned up 139 of those in five categories. Plus any WT file can be read directly, and Serum- and WaveEdit-compatible WAV files can be imported. And browsing is a visual joy.

And from Polymer, we’ve designed Polymerics, a ready-to-go sound package. Start with those sounds today.

So whether you need good sounds, a workhorse synth, or an on ramp to The Grid, Polymer is an excellent choice.