Ask.Video 402: Note FX Explored

The course begins with Thavius experimenting with the Randomize, Dribble and Quantize Note FX, turning a simple one-bar drum loop into a much more interesting pattern. Moving on from the drums, you learn to use the Strum Note FX to make your chords more expressive, by fragmenting the notes, somewhat like a guitarist would.

Next is the new Ricochet device, which treats notes as balls that bounce and collide in a polygon, affecting panning and timbre. As much fun to hear than to watch! Continuing with the course, you explore other Note FX like Note Repeat, Bend and Humanize. Thavius also demonstrates different ways to combine Note FX together with modulators, for limitless musical possibilities...

So let a Bitwig Certified Trainer show you how to get the most out of Note FX. Join Thavius Beck in this course, and bring some controlled chaos into your music!

  • Section 1: New Note FX
    • Randomize (04:40)
    • Dribble (05:14)
    • Quantize (03:55)
    • Strum (05:30)
    • Ricochet (05:48)
    • Note repeat (04:51)
    • Bend (03:14)
  • Section 2: Combining Devices
    • Multinote with Strum (03:54)
    • Humanize (03:37)
    • Ricochet Latch (03:11)
    • Harmonize (04:30)
    • Modulating Note FX (03:09)
Dezember 16, 2021

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