Ask.Video 100: Bitwig Spotlight Collection

Welcome to the free Ask.Video Bitwig Spotlight Collection curated by the Bitwig team. The videos are selected from Certified Trainer Thavius Beck’s acclaimed courses in the Ask.Video library, and they will give you an excellent insight into the many aspects of making music with Bitwig Studio.

Spotlight Collection Outline

Course 101: Basics

  1. Bitwig's Interface
  2. Making a Drum Beat
  3. Audio Events
  4. Editing the Arranger

Course 201: The Modulators

  1. What Are Modulators?
  2. Beat LFO
  3. Modulating Third-Party Devices
  4. Modulating Other Modulators

Course 301: Exploring CVs and MIDI

  1. Hardware Instrument
  2. Hardware CV Instrument
  3. Hardware CV Out

Course 202: Phase 4 Deconstructed

  1. What Is Phase Distortion
  2. Making a Pad Sound
  3. MPE

Course 203: Sampler Deconstructed

  1. Repitch Mode
  2. Multisample Intro
  3. Velocity Zones

Course 302: The Grid Explored

  1. Introducing the Grid
  2. Adding, Connecting, Replacing Modules
  3. Parallel Filters
  4. All Together Now

Course 204: Polymer Explored

  1. Overall Structure
  2. Wavetable Oscillator

Course 401: Advanced Production Workflows

  1. Occurrence Operator
  2. Spread
  3. Arrangement Comping
  4. Multi-note with Strum
  5. Ricochet Latch

This video course is free for Bitwig Studio or 16-Track license holders with an active Upgrade Plan. Simply log in to your user account to claim your free copy of the Bitwig Studio Spotlight Collection.

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Februar 14, 2022

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