Stanislav Glazov

Zertifizierte Trainer, Berlin, Germany

Stanislav is an audiovisual artist, producer, live performer, and educator based in Berlin. 
With over 15 years of experience producing music, Stanislav founded a live drum & bass band in 2008 and has since switched to using analog and modular synths for his dark, atmospheric, noisy industrial techno sound. For more than two decades Stanislav has worked in light and visual art, and he is continually seeking innovative opportunities at the intersection of art and technology. His installations and A/V performances explore themes such as inner and social freedom, consciousness, identity, and loneliness in the modern world, using high-tech techniques. Stanislav expertly integrates modular synths, sensors, and TouchDesigner for visuals. He takes an individualized approach to each work, creating unique algorithms and synchronizing sound with visuals and digital shapes. Stanislav’s educational career began in 2001, when he developed courses for character modeling and animation in Maya, visual FX and technical development in Houdini, audiovisual production with TouchDesigner, and modular synths. 
Since 2008, Stanislav has organized online courses for his own platform, where he has taught over 2,000 people, as well as working with Realtime, Scream-school, and SAE Academy. With over 15 years of experience working in procedural and modular environments, including Houdini, TouchDesigner, QuarzComposer, Shake, and Modular System, Stanislav is inspired by the flexibility and simplicity of using Bitwig Studio. He teaches in Russian, German and English.

Stanislav Glazov recently launched an online course  "AV Production with Bitwig and TouchDesigner". Check out this video how to set up Bitwig with TouchDesigner and the powerful AV capabilities of the integration.
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