Jonathan Pope

Zertifizierte Trainer, Salt Lake City, USA

Jonathan is an electronic musician, producer, and educator based in Salt Lake City, USA.

Jonathan's love for music has been the main focus of his entire life. In his teenage years, he attended a music school in the heart of Utah and learned how to play various instruments, studied music theory, and worked to become a certified audio engineer. His musical ventures eventually led to a passion for sonic experimentation. He loves working in various experimental genres such as ambient, industrial, and noise, but is comfortable working in more traditional genres as well. Currently he is working under the pseudonym Noise Mutant.

Jonathan has a passion for sound design and a strong desire to share his knowledge and techniques with others. As an educator, he excels at focusing on the specific needs and understandings of individual students. He strives to create a welcoming environment that accepts any and all with a passion to learn.

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