“As someone who recognises the power of combining both software and hardware for music production, my workflow regularly jumps between these two environments and working with Bitwig enables me to create seamlessly in a world that sits somewhere between these two environments. Taking advantage of CV and MIDI manipulation using The Grid ensures I never run out of inspiration or options when in the flow and when I am ready, I take the whole setup out live on stage, providing the audience with a truly dynamic and authentic performance. No going back for me – Bitwig is where innovation is empowered.”

Acclaimed electronic producer Matths, the Brighton-based artist who captivates listeners with masterful, brooding beats and dynamically charged sonic excursions achieved recognition with his debut release on the legendary FatCat Records.
His dynamic and intense productions, characterised for the controlled fusion of both ambient and aggressive electronica, provides layers of rhythm and melody, drenched in arrhythmic delays and swashes of reverb enabled through the combination of software and a bespoke modular synthesiser setup.

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