Learning | New Tutorial Episodes: Designed in Bitwig

Aug 13, 2020

Both of our ongoing video series saw new episodes drop this week…

  • Modular Concepts: Feedback explores how Bitwig gives access to the feedback loop within various FX and instrument devices. We then move over to The Grid, showing how to create feedback connections there and turning a small synth patch into a garden of delightful instability, with MPE support.
  • Let's Build a… Repeater uses feedback to build two versions of an audio repeater. The first is in The Grid, turning a basic delay circuit into a repeat machine that switches length based on the note played. And then we start over, building the same idea with standard devices like Delay-1 and Chain. Our updated Selector devices even make a cameo, randomizing the feedback processing for each key played.

While these tutorial series started as ways to showcase ideas and execution in The Grid, Bitwig Studio has always had modularity at its core. Expect more tutorials to come, showing new ideas and outcomes designed in Bitwig Studio.

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