Evolving Sounds and Sequences

Jun 18, 2020

It is one thing to make a wonderful sound, but keeping it interesting minute after minute is a hard task. To coincide with our recent Bitwig Studio update and its broader modulation possibilities, we present a package of Evolving Sounds and Sequences. Along with our friends Polarity and the irrepressible Joerg Sunderkoetter (aka “Jurgis”), 68 new presets have arrived, each bringing inevitable motion and a range of possibilities.

Some are soundscapes, which twist and grow over time. Sometimes they operate in musical time (quarter notes, bars, etc.), and other times they work independent of that.

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Evolving Sounds and Sequences is a free Bitwig Studio package for all customers with a valid Upgrade plan. The required version is Bitwig Studio 3.2 or higher.
Renew your Upgrade Plan or upgrade from 16-Track or 8-Track here.

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