Presets From Taika-Kim

May 30, 2018

Taika-Kim is a producer, sound designer, and active member of the Bitwig community. He has crafted an array of impressive creations, utilizing the flexible and modular architecture of Bitwig Studio to full effect. We welcome him to the official sound content of Bitwig Studio with 15 great presets, including a vocoder, a "nostalgizer," a bunch of creative resonators, wicked basses, and more.

The presets are part of the sound package Wundertuete Vol.1. Start Bitwig Studio, go to the Package Manager, open the Extended Collection tab and update the Wundertuete package. You can then search for Taika-Kim in the presets tab of the popup browser to find his creations.

We've also prepared a simple demo project with some of Taika-Kim's new creations, to get you started

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