Paradise Entertainment & Distribution and Bitwig Collaboration

Jul 27, 2018

Making music is hard enough, but once the creative process is done, the questions begin. How to find a label for my music? How do I get my music onto stores and streaming platforms? What are my rights? And how do I get paid?
We’ve teamed up with Paradise Entertainment & Distribution, an independent digital music and video distributor based in Berlin and San Francisco, for a special workshop to help answer these important questions.

It will take place at SAE’s Berlin campus with Paradise’s Ralph Boege (CEO) and Peter Armster (Label Manager). They will guide you through the Music Rights Supply Chain and introduce you to aspects of Performing and Master Rights.

August 16, 2018 at SAE Campus
Cuvrystra├če 4,
10997 Berlin, Germany
16.00- 19.00

The workshop is free, but room capacity is limited.
Please RSVP here to register:

Furthermore, Paradise is offering Bitwig customers a voucher for free use of their PRDS distribution system, which enables you to submit your release to all major web stores and streaming platforms.

Get a free voucher code by signing up in this Google doc.

[Note that the number of available vouchers is limited, and that all vouchers expire before 30 November 2018.]

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