Secret Cinema Masterclass

Sep 29, 2017

“I am really feeling Bitwig Studio right now”

From 1991’s hardcore scene through his current deeper, darker output, Jeroen Verheij is a key figure of the Netherland’s techno scene. His discography includes heavyweight releases on labels such as Rotterdam, Cocoon, and Drumcode under various artist pseudonyms, including Meng Syndicate, Point Blank, and his most well-known moniker, Secret Cinema.

Computer Music magazine interviewed Jeroen Verheij in his newly built studio in Amsterdam. In the interview, Jeroen shares his in-depth knowledge and experience with music production tools, from using the first tracker software, Oktalyzer, to his current setup utilizing an impressive modular synthesizer rig, various hardware drum machines, and, of course, Bitwig Studio.

Learn production secrets from the maven himself, and see how he created the Secret Cinema signature sound of his current release: “Ex-Drummer,” which was released on his own imprint, Gem Recordings, in August.

Grab the current issue of Computer Music magazine from the newsstand, and tune into the free Computer Music Masterclass video tutorial here.

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