Bitwig at NoMaps Festival in Sapporo Japan, October 12

Oct 12, 2017

Sonicwire presented by Haconiwa
Sonicwire, Irrupt, and Bitwig Seminar at Precious Hall:
Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku Minami 2-chome 3-chome
parade basement 2 floor
October 12, 8:15PM - 9:00PM

Conference, exhibition, event, meet-up, experiment. NoMaps in Sapporo is a creative convention that attracts people from all over the world, from all parts of the music industry and art/design world: musicians, fans, technologists, and business people. We go there to put our finger on the pulse of the bustling Japanese market and cultural sphere, to showcase Bitwig Studio, and to connect with old and new fans.

We are excited to be part of Haconiwa and Sonicwire seminar.

The October 12 seminar at Precious Hall features Sonicwire manager Shigeru Tanabu, Placidus Schelbert and Falko Brocksieper from Bitwig. They will showcase how Bitwig Studio connects to a number of different technologies and brings them together in a rock solid, yet playful way. Use MIDI to control synthesizers and drum machines, or patch straight into your eurorack system with CV controls in and out from Bitwig Studio.

After the seminar we invite you to stay for the club performances of Hideo Kobayashi, and Shigeru Tanabu. 

If you are around for a couple of more days, on October 13 and 14 Bitwig will also be part of an exhibition

We are looking forward to meet you in Sapporo!

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