Weekend Project: Chicago Footwork

Feb 19, 2016


Chicago Footwork is a genre of music and related street dance whose origins trace back to the neighborhoods of Chicago in the 1980's.

"The dance involves fast movement of the feet with accompanying twists and turns, and usually takes place as part of a "battle".[2] The music style has evolved from an earlier musical style, juke, a change pioneered by R.P. Boo.[2] The style was popularised outside Chicago by inclusion in the music video for Dude 'n Nem's 2007 single "Watch My Feet".[3] Nowadays the terms footwork music and juke music are used interchangeably on various music sites, usually by tagging footwork music "juke"."


Set your tempo in the range of 160 - 170bpm

Load the following presets on separate tracks:

  • Legend 808 (any)
  • Tuned Sub-Kick
  • Layered Snare (any)
  • Dice up any a cappella in the Drum Machine device.

Check out this article from Zzounds Beat Connection for tips on making a beat:

Watch this video for some inspiration:

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